Exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching to achieve optimal health

Hi and thanks for visiting gileshenry.com.  I've been working in the health and fitness industry since 1997, and although a great deal has changed in the last 23 years, my passion for helping people get stronger and healthier remains constant.  I've grown a great deal as a professional during this time, and have come to realise that to achieve optimal health, things have to be addressed in a holistic way.  

There are many factors to be considered, many possible barriers, and many different approaches to solving the puzzle of human health, and recognising this is a strong step to getting back to looking good and feeling great.  Looking back to my earlier years as a personal trainer there were lots of situations that were frustrating.  Clients would sometimes see good results, but often results were slow or did not 'stick'. I came to understand that by only focusing on one area, in this case exercise, it often did not address the individual's primary problems and factors that were holding them back from success.  This is why I believe that to help someone function well the following four categories need to covered.


Posture and movement



I am qualified and insured as a personal trainer, sports massage therapist, myoskeletal alignment therapist, and clinical nutritionist.  I do additional study most days on top of my work and my own training.  Always be learning!  In my career I have worked in gyms, outdoors, with people in their homes, and online.  I don't view myself as a guru or even as an expert.  I am a perennial student as all in this industry are.  I'm just a guy who knows quite a bit about this sort of stuff and how to help other people achieve it.

Assessment: All my clients start with me in the same way.  Assessment and history.  I do not coach anyone without a detailed history and current assessment of their situation.  This is done through forms and one to one chats and screening.  Soon these forms will be available to clients online via this website, which can simply be filled in and submitted to me to save time during 1-1 assessment.

Planning: Never start treatment without a plan goes the saying in therapy.  Once assessment has been done I'll work with you to develop a plan of action.  The plan is tailored for you alone.  I do not believe in generic programs for people.  Humans are not generic they are individual both in physiological capabilities and behavioural patterns.  A great nutritional program for person A is unlikely to work for person B and may make person C worse!  Individual programming for individuals.  That's how it works.

Realistic goal setting and expectations:  It's important to have targets but they are not the be all and end all of training.  What is important is that you are consistently heading in the right direction.  Targets are just there to keep on you the right path.  The goals that we work out will be realistic and achievable.  I'll ask you how likely you are to get something done on a scale of 1-10.  If I hear anything less than 9 I'll make it easier.  Setting goals that are consistently missed just demotivates people.  Remember progress is rarely linear.  It's never a smooth line to success and there will always be a few bumps in the road and times where progress seems very slow.  Don't worry about it.  Consistency is key and if what we are doing is clearly not working we'll change it.


What do you want?: For most people the scope to improve their health and wellbeing along with their strength and fitness is big.  Two things.  Firstly it depends upon what you want.  For some a moderate level of fitness and decent energy levels throughout the day is enough.  No need to push harder.  For others they want that body fat down to below 10%, want to run a marathon in under 3.5 hours, or they want perfect posture and symmetry.  I'll coach you according to your wants and my assessment.  Secondly everyone has their limits.  To steal a phrase from a well know strength coach..."be the best version of yourself".  You've got to be realistic about what you can achieve.  As one old friend of mine once told me..."Giles, you can never look like Arnold Schwarzenegger and he can never look like you".  What I won't do or advise is anything that I think is not healthy for you.  After all I'm here to improve your health not worsen it.