Sports Massage with Giles

Hello!  I am a qualified sports massage and Myoskeletal Alignment Therapist based in Ealing, London.  I use massage, myofascial, stretching, and alignment techniques to correct dysfunction and to bring people back to optimal movement and health.  Whether it's back or neck pain, joint soreness or stiffness, muscle tightness, or postural issues, I can help.

I began working in the health industry as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor in 1997, progressing to being a corrective exercise specialist, and now a full time sports massage and holistic M.A.T therapist.  My strong background in exercise coaching helps me to advise my clients on simple programs that help to cement the work we do in therapy sessions.

I take a holisitc approach to working with my clients, which means that I view the body as a whole and work with it the same way.  I identify potential strain patterns in my clients and correct them before they become dysfuctional, and eventually painful.  Where not possible, I endeavour to correct muscle and joint dysfunction in both the therapy sessions and with homecare exercises.  This includes treating specific conditions such as thoracic outlet syndrome, frozen shoulder, carpal tuneel problems and others.

I believe strongly in identifying a client's problems and trying to tackle them at source.  In this way the underlying problems can be addressed and the dysfunction removed.  This helps to avoid clients spending months undergoing expensive repeat therapy for what amounts to only temporary relief, while the underlying problem/s remain undetected.

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