What do you think of when someone talks of lifestyle?  As a health and wellbeing coach a client's lifestyle is of great importance, as it impacts on their mental and physical health more often than they realise.  A healthy person does more than just eat well and work out.  So what sorts of things are we referring to when we talk about lifestyle?

To put it generally lifestyle is an all encompassing term of how you live your life.  Your outlook, work, sleep, social activities, hobbies, habits, nutrition, exercise, and your priorities are just some examples. 

You often hear the phrase 'healthy lifestyle' but what does it really mean?  To me it means doing things that benefit you in a physical and mental way and are not to your detriment.  If you engage in things that harm you it is negative to a healthy lifestyle.  Examples are a lack of sleep, spending endless hours staring at a screen, or suffering high levels of stress.  All of these things take you away from your 'healthy lifestyle' and will make you less happy.  Consistently unhappy people are not healthy people.

During my initial assessment I always have questions about a person's lifestyle.  Initially some factors may be quite personal so can wait until further into our sessions.  There may be some, like medical factors, that I do not deal with and may be managed by other health professionals.  However I do like to get an initial overview of what your lifestyle is like because as mentioned above, it impacts on your health and wellbeing every single day.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle these days is not easy, as there is a great deal around us that is not natural or beneficial to us as human beings, yet can be difficult to get away from.

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I can help you to understand how things in your life affect you, and help you to devise ways of minimising the negatives and maximising the positives.  It's unrealistic to try and eradicate every single negative thing in your life and I would say even undesirable.  That may sound strange but as humans we sometimes need to experience difficult situations and learn to handle tough situations.  Such things make us stronger and your body is designed to deal with it. The problem today is that these stressful situations and experiences make up a large part of people's lives and it is wreaking terrible damage.

Please be aware that I do not treat people with diagnosed medical or psychological conditions.  That is the remit of the trained professionals in those areas.  I can work with clients who do have medical conditions of course, but I do not specifically treat those.  My lifestyle advice is more general in nature dealing with stress, sleep, and other factors.