Massage For Posture Improvement

Does a Massage for Posture Improvement Actually Work?

I entered into the world of physical therapy in 1997 as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor. Over the years, I've managed to learn quite a bit about the field of massage therapy and the importance of our posture. As a holistic M.A.T. therapist, I am able to tune into techniques that can help you unlock your posture while reducing potential pain. If that sounds good to you, you've come to the right place!


Here at Giles Henry Sports Massage, I offer my massage for posture improvement as the backbone of my services. I blend a range of techniques in order to carefully examine your body. From sports massage therapy to myoskeletal alignment therapy, I am able to use my skills in order to get to the bottom of your posture problems. A massage for posture improvement isn't just about making you feel good during the massage, it's about allowing you to feel good around-the-clock.


Giles Henry Sports Massage is located in London, England. You can contact my office directly for pricing information and a consultation request.

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