Massage Therapist Near Me

How to Find a Professional Massage Therapist Near Me

When I needed to hire a massage therapist near me, I had to figure out where to look. After all, there are countless businesses all promising that they can relieve your pain, but how many of them are actually telling the truth? In order to find the top massage therapist near me, I ended up looking to Giles Henry Sports Massage.


Giles Henry has been in the business since 1997 as a personal trainer. Now a full-time M.A.T. and sports massage therapist, Giles is able to address the problematic parts of our body that can lead to pain. Giles Henry starts from a holistic approach in order to identify problematic strain patterns that can lead to pain in the body. After a consultation and a few pieces of paperwork, you'll be ready to undergo your massage therapy.


Giles Henry Sports Massage is one of the top massage therapists in London, England. Call today for a consultation!

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