Nutrition Coaching

For most people, it is nutritional and lifestyle factors that hold them back from achieving robust good health.  It is not that easy in this day and age to eat healthily when one considers all the potential barriers to such a thing.  It can indeed be a quite daunting task for people to understand what constitutes a good diet for them given the wealth of often contradictory information available.

Beef Steak

With nutrition coaching it's my job to help you understand the right foods for your makeup, and to make sure that you are getting all the necessary nutrients to ensure good health.  Every person has a 'metabolic makeup' which varies according to a number of factors.  The idea of a balanced diet is largely a myth as it's normal for different people to eat different foods but still achieve good health.  In fact the idea that all the people on Earth can achieve great health by eating the same foods in the same proportions is an absolute nonsense.  A little bit like your exercise, your diet needs to be unique to you.

We will of course start with understanding the current state of your nutrition, and seeing where there is room for improvement. It may be that you are looking to lose weight, build muscle, or improve your energy levels. Depending on your goals and what we see from the assessment, I'll guide you toward the sorts of foods and eating habits that will benefit your health. I do not give explicit meal plans for people to eat as I find that strategy far too rigid and it is not usually sustainable in the longer term.  A diet needs to be created that you can stick to and that you come to enjoy.  Let's face it no one sticks to an eating plan that they dislike.  Not for long at least.