Session prices:

30 minute session: £30.00* (block of 10 £270.00)

45 minute session: £40.00* (block of 10 £360.00)

60 minute session: £50.00  (block of 10 £450.00)

* Please note that 30 and 45 minute sessions are not available to first time clients as your first session will include your assessment.

At present I cannot take payments online.  Payments for sessions are usually done via bank transfer or can be taken as cash or card at the time of the session.

"I can't recommend Giles enough.  I've improved so much with his help and he really cares that the problems you see him about get fixed."  Flora Rose Smythe.

If your sessions vary in length but you would still like to pay for a block, you will still get a discount based on the most common length of the session you have.  E.G if you have 10 sessions of X5 at 60 minutes, X3 at 45 minutes and X2 at 30 minutes, then you will receive a discount of £50.00 off the total block price (the value of a 60 minute session).

Don't worry if you're not sure what session length you need as I will advise you on that based on your goals, needs, and various other factors.