Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy:

M.A.T is a technique that alows for manipulation of both myofascial tissue and the bones and joints of the body.  MAT does not typically use oil, and many of the techniques can be performed without the client needing to undress.  This form of treatment was devised by leading therapist Erik Dalton, who realised for optimal results both the soft and harder tissues of the body need to be addressed.  M.A.T addresses many issues including:

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Muscle and joint asymmetry

  • Common strain patterns caused by poor posture and repetitive actions.

  • Postural deficits causing compensations and dysfunction in the body

  • Back, hip, and neck problems

  • Condtions such as tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and plantar fasciitis.

  • Dysfunction in the walking cycle

  • Functional scoliosis


"As an active football player and gym user, the regular treatment I get from Giles helps me to maintain my flexibility and prevent injuries"  Mo Zafar.

During our initial assessment, it's usually quite apparent if imbalances exist and whether or not this kind of treatment might be needed.  I'll always advise you honestly about what I think is right for you.

If you are contacting me with a specific problem such as low back trouble, joint complaints, muscle tightness, or simply because you want to address your posture, a specific assessment will be made for you.  The treatment plan will then be devised from the results of that assessment.  MAT can help with many things including:

  • Back problems


  • Joint trouble

  • Muscle imbalances

  • Mobility/flexibility

  • Poor posture

  • Neck or shoulder problems

  • Plantar Fasciatis

  • Functional Scoliosis

  • Tennis/Golfers elbow

  • Tightness and restriction


Information gathering is crucial to determining the correct treatment for you.  Assessment length will differ depending on your personal circumstances, but the entire session will last aproximately 90 minutes.  Some situations are more complex than others.  The assessment will include a full history of your situation and any relevant physical tests that are carried out, and if time allows the assessment session will include some treatment as well.


A treatment plan does not take long to devise but it is vital.  Based on the results of the assessment, a plan will be discussed with you and then we can move straight into the treatment phase.


Using the plan based on the assessment we can begin working on the areas needed.  Various techniques that manipulate, massage, stretch, mobilise, and tone areas will all be used to get you back to your best again.  Multiple sessions may be needed to correct the issue and you will be advised on frequency and volume of treatment needed if necessary.

Often basic exercises or mobility work will be needed outside of the session to fully correct the problem.  If this is needed I will go through the exercises with you so you can perform the exercises with confidence.