Sports Therapist Near Me

How I Hired the Right Sports Therapist Near Me

In London, find the best sports therapist near me can be a problem. After all, there are hundreds of different massage experts sprinkled throughout the area. How can I find my way to the professional who will treat my body's dysfunction? Fortunately, the best sports therapist near me is also the easiest one to find, Giles Henry Sports Massage.


Giles Henry has been providing therapeutic solutions to his patients for years. Dating back to 1997 when he began working as a personal trainer, Henry has helped to cultivate a practice that is built around corrective exercise, sports massage therapy, and holistic myoskeletal alignment therapy. Put plainly, our team at Giles Henry Sports Massage is uniquely suited to provide you with the intense therapeutic solutions that you require.


Getting on track to find body corrections is as simple as making an appointment. Call my office at your convenience in order to set up an assessment!

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