Therapist For Neck Pain In Ealing

What Therapist for Neck Pain in Ealing Should I Hire?

When it comes time to find a therapist for neck pain in Ealing, I might know who you should call! I am the owner and massage professional behind Giles Henry Sports Massage in Ealing. Since 1997, I have been working closely with my clients in order to help them unlock the better body that they have always dreamed of. By focusing on myoskeletal therapy and professional sports massage services, I am able to be the therapist for neck pain in Ealing that gets people moving freely again.


I offfer 30 minute and 60-minute sports massage therapy sessions. First-time patients will need to book an extended appointment so that we have time to go over their health history, appropriate paperwork, and potential therapy plan. Once a plan-of-care is locked in place, we can begin addressing the minor problems that are leading to your major pain! Don't force yourself to live with the issues plaguing your neck, contact my team in order to find a solution.

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