Therapist For Shoulder Problems

Can a Therapist for Shoulder Problems Reduce Pain?

Are you dealing with shoulder issues? Do you find that you are experiencing something wrong with your shoulder? If you want to find a therapist for shoulder problems, consider giving Giles Henry Sports Massage a call. Here at Giles Henry Sports Massage, I am completely focused on finding the root cause of your body's dysfunction. Once that issue has been identified, I can be the therapist for shoulder problems that you need.


When it comes time to approach solving your shoulder issues, we'll start with a complete assessment. During your first meeting at my facility, we will walk through your medical history while also going over different treatment plans. My practice focuses on a range of solutions so that we could become THE therapist for shoulder problems in Ealing. I focus on providing massage and myoskeletal alignment techniques, plus a variety of other skills, in order to get to the root of what is causing you discomfort.

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